July 4, 2017

Birthday Buddies.

Elizabeth celebrated her 10th birthday at the end of May.  Her birthday buddy is Peter, who had a birthday the day after Sophie was born.

 For Elizabeth's birthday, we managed to get in our traditional trip to the zoo.  We always enjoy deciding what animals we will see that day and being outside.  Liz #1 pick was the flamingos this time.
 Sister love.
 We were laughing because this bird was so close we could touch him.  We were having fun texting Dad pics that looked like the bird is on Jacob's head (he's not).  Rare for a bird to put up with our antics!
 We came home and enjoyed birthday brownies with our double digit beauty!

Since we were still in the hospital for Peter's birthday... we celebrated when we got home the day after with an ice cream cake (we've never done that before!) and some presents.
We think we did a good job making up for the missed celebration.   Peter was really excited to be six!  Next year, we will have another birthday buddy to add to the fun!

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