July 5, 2017

One Month.

It's hard to believe that it has been over a month since Sophia was born!  Here's a recap of some of the events of the last month.

 We started off a little rough... Jaundice levels topped out at 17.9 and she got put on bililights and daily home health visits to have her blood drawn.  5 days on the biliblanket and it wasn't the most peaceful thing but better than having to live at the NICU.

 We tried to make the best of it and spent our time gazing at Sophia lovingly.  They just can't get enough of her!  Carrie has been a doting big sister.
Dad made sure to keep the fun going.  I didn't get to photograph much but I did get a safari ride in route.  The dogs were "dinosaurs" and they threw dog food out to them.  Fun for everyone!  And popsicles to boot.

 Patrick had his 8th grade graduation that I missed.  (Because Sophia and I had to pretty much stay plugged in.  We weren't taking any chances on the levels going back up!)  He enjoyed himself and we are excited for the next big thing--high school!

 At eight days old, the biliblanket came off and we thought we were in the clear.  Until that night when Sophie aspirated some reflux and wasn't breathing and we landed overnight at Children's Hospital.  She's been our baby of firsts!  Earliest baby, first to have jaundice, first for an ambulance ride, first for a 911 call!  We are really really hoping that the "firsts" end there and doing our best to lean on our faith and prayers for this little lovebug!

 At ten days old, she got her first bath at home.  She wasn't so sure about it in the beginning and then realized--hey, this IS great!
 She is the smiliest little girl both awake and asleep.

Enjoying some floor time on a very special blanket made by her cousin.  I love the colors!

We all sure love our little Sophia.  We can't get enough of her!  At her last visit, she was up to 8lbs 9oz.  So she is definitely growing and thriving.  God bless Sophia!

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